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Steal User Information from Skype including Chat history

Many of you know or not but Skype puts all the user information including your chat history, user contact information , whom you called how long you did basically everything about Skype in a folder without any encryption.  Which means any user who finds the file can retrieve all the information with little knowledge in database.  User not only can retrieve all the message history, but also the message which are removed also.

Who can Do?

Basically anyone who has an access to the computer(no need of admin or root user) can steal the data.

To retrieve the data is very easy,  just go to User folder and copy main.db  file

  • Windows : C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Skype\skype.id

  • Linux: /home/user/.Skype/skypename/

getting main.db file from user computer means 98% of job is done. now all you need is sqlite tool to view the data. sqllite tool is very easy to find  in internet. normally i use https://sqlitestudio.pl/ tool which has GUI and easier to view the data. Just click the tables you like to see data (like profile, contacts, messages etc) and do whatever you want.

How to Protect yourself?

Bear in mind, logging out from Skype doesnt mean your Skype information is deleted from the system.This is big issue and should be fixed from Skype as soon as possible. Till its not fixed via Skype below steps can be done to protect your data.

  • Don’t allow untrusted person to access your computer
  • Don’t login Skype in public computers or untrusted computer, even if you need to make sure you delete the Skype as soon as your job is done.