Nepal Airport Customs Duty For LCD TV Calculator

If you are planning to visit Nepal and bring Television along with you? Below form will help to calculate fee you have to pay in Airport as Custom charge.
With my experience, it doesn't matter, how long you stayed abroad, in which visa did you traveled, or from which country you came from, which model did you bought, or is it new or not. All they care is what is the size of the television. Airport officer will charge your according to the size of Television you brought. Simple math, simple rule.

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  1. It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. you can take one laptop, 1 mobile phone and some other as your personal equipment and you dont have to pay custom for it. but if you are going to take more than 1 then you might need to pay custom for addition

      1. How about custom charges for 32 inch LED TV for student visa holding who have stayed for 1.8 ( travelled to other country in between but not Nepal) year in thailand?

        1. You don’t need to pay taxes for 32” TV if you were abroad for more than a year…More increased sizes will be taxable….

    2. no
      you can take free lap top 1 set tv 32 1 set camara 1 set but if you finish 2 years . with in one year i am not sure

  2. Hi…actually i am planning to return back nepal on next mnth….i would really appreciate if u could suggest me how much would be the charge for 42″LED tv from dubai.

      1. Sir , regarding about led tv , i planning to take samsung 49 inch curved led tv to nepal and how much i have to pay as a custom tax , it…

  3. What about the home theater and TV led 32 inch with in 2nd vacation after 4 months but fist vacation I didn’t take anythings… so I can take or not because I hear that one of my friend says that it’s allow if we didn’t take anythings before 1st vacation. ……..

  4. Hi, I am stay almost 11 years in Dubai until now I never bring tv in Nepal last October 2015 I went Nepal . I will go end of the may I have to bring 32 inch led tv . Kindly tell me how much I need to pay tax or no need .

  5. I am Indian and coming to Nepal from Bahrain after 9 month
    With two way tickets.
    Can I bring my 32 inch Led TV.
    As it custom free but being as an Indian passport holder, will I have to pay any charges.

  6. I am Pakistani nationality living in Dubai working Visa on the post of Admin. Manager I gift a 40″ TV to my friend in Nepal. Can I pay custom in Airport. I will stay 90 days in Nepal. Please guide Me. Thanks

  7. Hi, am planning to get a 55″ LED TV, I have been informed and also googled & found that its 550 per inch is it correct?

    1. Based on my experience and from government website you have to pay Rs 1250 or 1200 per inch for equal or above 50inch TV. Very expensive right ? i guess we should stick upto 49inch 🙁

  8. Hi.. I am returning to nepal from Qatar after 6 months and i have purchase one LCD / LED 32” Tv so, should i have to pay tax or not.

    1. Hello Sailesh,
      I guess it should be free for you. Last time when i took the 32” TV after 10months staying outside Nepal, they asked few questions and later they allow me to pass without any issue

  9. is that tax policy is still in progress? in new budget is there any chages,just asking for led tv.I heard there are some changes, is it true or rumour only….please inform.
    thank you

  10. Now i got the news we cannt take gold wth us?? Befor 50 grm its no prlbm bt now there is no option to bring gold.. Coz alredy i buy gold befor 6 month do wht i do now .. How can i take my gold… I hav bill also … Plz help me

  11. hi,
    namaste this is krishna basnet from kuwait. by the way , i would like to ask you about custom tax that we brought for own use it means:
    Laptop , smart-phone ,Television , gold & more as well but now we are getting new & imformation that we could take just one smart-phone with us and we do not take gold even a single tola . is this true ? if so then why plzs give me right reply i am just waiting your answer
    thank you

    1. Hello Krishna,
      I m not the right person to answer all custom related questions. I just made this page to estimate the custom charge for Television only and i have made those calculation based on government website
      I think you can go through that page and hopefully you can get the information you been looking for.

      1. Hi i am staying in Dubai since oct 2017 and June 2018 i am returning so if take 49 inch TV do i need to pay (550*49) 26950NPR or more than this ???pls let me know .

  12. Hi ….please can u tell that …I have been done two years but I went vacation just last year on October 9 but I didn’t bring the led so now I’m going to take 32inc led on this my vacation but ,I have done buy only 8 mount…do I need to pay the tax in airport? Please advice me…….

    1. Hello Ram
      It doesnt count whether you brought tv in last visit or not. Counting will be reset as soon as you visit Nepal. So if you have been living abroad for more than 6 month from your last visit then, you should be eligible to take 32inch TV free of custom charge.

  13. Dear sir , I am here staying 10 month in new visa but I already spend 2 years in abroad and I want bring 32inch tv for first time so how much custom I have to pay in airport.?

    1. If you have already spend 2yrs abroad then i dont think you need to pay any custom charge for 32inch TV.

      1. hello san maharjan sir.namaste mero 25 month pura vae sakyo k ma 32 inch led lyaun sakxu?I think costum charge lagdain ni 32 inch lai??

  14. Hi
    I completed my study in malaysia and now while returning back i want to bring 1 set of 32 inch led tv, do i have to pay any kind tax or customs ? please let me know if anyone knows thank you

  15. Hi Dear,

    I need your help…….

    Last may 2016 i came to dubai by visit visa and im planning to go back nepal next week and would like to bring LED 32″ TV. Previously, i had worked in Dubai for 6 years in different companies like 3 years and 6month/1year and 6 month and 3 month and two visit visas of 3/3 month. So, could you please advice me to bring above mentioned TV size, is there any charges?

    1. Your month counter will start from last time you left Nepal. Since u left Nepal in May 2016, which is less than 6 month. According to custom law, you have to pay for 32 inch lcd tv. But i saw/heard some people got lucky on that. Who knows u also be the another one.

  16. i am Nepalese citizen now i am working as govt.service in India.
    i am planning to bring one 32″LEd tv from India i want know may i need to pay custom duty in Nepal airport?
    please clarify.

  17. #San Maharjan two years ago i went to nepal on my vacation , so now i dun have to pay any tax for 32 inc led tv ?

  18. I have came to qatar on 2015/11/20 now 2016/10/06 m going back nepal for vacation so i want to take led tv 32″.if i take led 32″ i can take it free of charge or i should pay custom charge

  19. Sir….
    Now days i am working in qatar. Before 8 months i was going vacation in nepal with complete of 2 years but i was not take 32 inch LED.
    Now i was complete 8 months after vacation. Can i take the 32 inch LED without any taxes in Nepal.

  20. Hey i am here in malaysia for 6 month period for internship(student visa).so, while going back to nepal i am planning to take 32″LCD tv, can i take it with no tax or should i have to pay tax for it??

  21. Hi San,
    I have a red passport and I am planning to bring 32 inch smart tv in Nepal so do I have to pay tax. I would be grateful if you help me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  22. I stayed in dubai 2 years .
    I’m planning to buy 45 ” Samsung led TV
    I’m coming nepal .

    How much I have to pay for the custom ??

  23. Hi i wanna ask that m going in a vaccation on feb 2017 but i recently came from vaccation last nov 2016 last time i didnt bring anything but this time i wanna bring smart tv 32 inch so gap of my vaccations is only 3 month so it will charge tax or not plz kindly reply thank you

  24. Hello i am in china for internship . My intership period is 9 months so.. I have been here 3 months after 6 months I will be back to nepal.. I am planning to bring one music instrument piano …

  25. I am a student studying in China .last visited Nepal a year and half ago . I m planning to bring 49″ curved tv . How much custom would I need to pay

  26. My mom and dad are going back to nepal from us and i m trying send my LCD with them (32inch LCD) how much do they need to pay in custom?

  27. Can you plz let me know how much is tax for 49″tv… i got to know that law has been change soo plz let me knoww….

  28. i am returning Nepal after almost 1 year ( 12 days remaining to complete exactly 1 yr ). Do i have to pay the tax if i bring 32 inch led tv or not ?

  29. Hi I am planning to bring 65″ tv in Nepal. I have already stayed more than three years in Australia. How much in total will I need to pay for the tv?

  30. I came in China in visiting visa, can I bring a led TV one piece from China to Nepal. If yes then OK if not then tell me how much tax I have to pay at airport of Nepal if I bring it??

  31. Hi
    I come malaysia as a tourist stay here 3weeks i like to buy some electronies goods such as mixture etc ,can i carry it or need to pay for npl customs

  32. After 4 years I’m coming back to Nepal. And I have a plan to take 50 inch smart led tv so I just want know how much custom charge I have to pay ?
    Waiting your correct response

  33. Good day

    I have question I like to bring 42 inch tv to gifts for my gf mother but ma hoina nepal ho. But I’m leaving nepal my second time visit nepal so I like to bring tv 42 inch or 55 inch gift how much charges for me for that 42 inch or 55 inch tv

  34. Hello sir i m in qatar from 7mnths now m coming bck to nepal in 10th april 2018 should i have to pay any charge. Some people says without completing one year i have to pay charge is this right or i dnt have to pay plz suggest.

  35. Dear Sir / Madam,

    i have 8 grams gold coin 22k wich is my company gifted to me for long service award
    can i carry it or i need to pay custom, please let us know

    thanks & regards,

  36. I spend more then 10 mnth and less then 12 mnth for working visa in gulf. For 32inch. Led tv how much I need to pay? Pls reply me!

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