Trip to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Yet another weekend, This time we planned to visit floating market. Floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats and now a days these places mainly server as tourist attractions and found in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
While doing some search, found Damnoen Saduak floating market is notably famous among tourist which is located Ratchaburi province of Thailand and this Morning market which opens at 3:00am – 11:00am.
To get there, you can go via van in Victory monument, where you can find vans direct to Damnoen saduak, which cost around 90 baht for single trip (not expensive). After around 1:30hrs of drive you will reach at damnoen saduak floating market where you can get Boats to ride, and price of boat really varies depending upon Thai or Foreigner. Luckly for my trip we had my Thai friend so they charged around 200 baht/person for whole trip, but heard that for foreigner it will cost around 400-800 baht/person. While traveling via boat you can find lots of boat seller tring to sell whatever they have like food, fruits, souvenir, thai silk and many many more. and with no surprise you will find everything expensive compare to Bangkok, but its always worth it to buy few things.
Here are the some of my trip pictures and Videos.

Damnoen Saduak




After finish visiting Damnoen saduak, you can visit Amphawa floating market its bit different than Damnoen Saduak and it has its own flavor and fun which will cost only 20Baht and 20mins drive from Damnoen Saduak to Amphawa, and 80baht/Person from amphawa to Bangkok(Victory Monument)

In search of Pad Thai in night

As you all know Thailand is also popular for food, with lots of variety with different taste in cheap price. Today after a lots of stressed work in office, we decided to have some good food with my few friends and my friend suggested to have Pad Thai in Pratu phi(Near Giant Swing or Sao Ching Cha). Though its bit far from our place, we still want to taste Pad thai in famous restaurant, so we took a taxi.

After 40mins of Drive, 10mins on queue and another 10mins on waiting finally i got the delicious Shrimp Pad Thai with egg covered (Pad Thai Munn Goon Ha khai) yeah!!!

Shrink Pad thai with covered Egg (80 baht)

And another Good thing about this shop is fresh Orange Juice sorry i couldnt able to take the picture of it but it also taste good which cost (140Baht per bottle)

After the Pad thai we didnt mind to have a little walk near Gian Swing

Gian Swing

and now its time to have a some Dessert to complete meal 🙂 so we walked few mins to Mont nomsod. where Shop is full packed hard to stand inside also but we did manage to have a sit to eat.

Mont NomSod

Its me in full packed shop

Dessert we orders, Bread with Chocolate, Bread with something something i forgot but it taste good and lastly fresh milk.


and finally I want to thank my friends who helped to find these delicious places far from our places 🙂 Thank you

Travelling in Bangkok

As you all know Bangkok is one of the busiest city in world where traffic really sucks, if you don’t choose the best medium for transportation you might stuck in traffic jam for hours and hours. Basically travelling in Bangkok you have below mediums and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, your proper decision will take you to destiny with cheap or fast or both.

  1. Taxi:
    One of the easiest way, you dont need to know how to go to destiny, you simply say to taxi driver(sometimes its hard to make them understand because many dont know English Language) also it might be expensive
  2. Train (BTS, MRT, Airport Link) :
    Trains are the most easiest(after taxi) and cheapest way to Travel. Mostly it can be considered as fastest way to travel since it doesnt need to takecare of traffic harsh and Information are in English which is well enough to understand and travel.
  3. Public Bus or Jeep or Van:
    Cheapest way to travel, but it might take you very long to reach your Destiny. I recommend for long distance travelling like Pattaya, Hua Hin. or City if you know where to come out or where to take the which number bus or van
  4. Boat:
    You can find to boats in two location, one in Chapaya River which is easy for you to travel Temples and another one is Sapan pier boat, the water is very smelly and might makes you dizzy and headache
  5. Motorcycle :
    This can be used for short distance travelling, where you dont want to walk much. You can simply take motorcycle taxi with Thai numbers in Back of their shining Jacket. Comparing to distance wise this is one the expensive and fastest way to travel, but sometimes motorcycle might drive with 120km/hr which might dangerous as well. I take motorcycle to get rid of sweaty walking when i late to office and the places where there is no main road (for safe side)
  6. or your Own Car( which i m not going to talk about)

Bear in mind Train is not always fastest medium and Taxi is not always expensive. It really depends upon from where to where you want to go. I will give you an example,
I live in Huai Khwang MRT area and if I need to travel to Central World

A. Via Train

  1. Take a MRT to Sukhmvit Station (18-20 mins including walking in and waiting and walking out) (22baht)
  2. Walk from MRT to BTS (3-4mins) (4mins)
  3. Take BTS to Siam (15-20 mins)(28baht)

all together it took around 40-44mins and 50baht

B. Via Local Bus
If i take a Local bus 73n or 514 route bus then it will take me there in 30-40mins in weekend and with less traffic and 30-50mins in weekdays in non business hour and 1-1:30 hrs in business hour with just 13-15Baht

C. Via Taxi
in Taxi it will take me there in 25-30 mins in Weekend and 30-1hr in Weekdays with around (70-90 baht depending on traffic)

from above looking you can see sometimes public buses are cheaper and Faster. But they are not always reliable and hard to deal with it specially if you dont know where to come out. You might think Taxi is expensive but NO its not, it depends upon how many people you are travelling. Lets see below tally

Travelers (Person) Train Public Bus Taxi
1 50 Baht 15 Baht 70-80 Baht
2 100 Baht 30 Baht 70-80 Baht
3 150 Baht 45 Baht 70-80 Baht
4 200 Baht 60 baht 70-80 baht
5 250 baht 75 baht 70-80 baht( Taxi allows 5 People as well 😉 )

Since in Thailand Mobile network is highly developed you can find 3G network all over the Bangkok, its better to have smart phones with GPS enabled and Maps App (I like Google Maps). So whenever you travel from one point to another its better to search in Maps, it will show you all the possible medium you can travel and you can calculate the distance and then you can travel. For me for when i was new in bangkok (still new 😉 ) I find my mobile and google maps as my travel guide and my 3rd Eye, i can travel where ever i want by using 3G mobile with GPS 🙂 . Cheers and happy travelling in Bangkok. Hope you will enjoy your stay in Thailand and find my Article useful

Hunting Nepali Restaurant

Its always hard to live alone abroad. you will always miss someone or something, sometimes family friends, Places, Food. For me for a long time after coming from Nepal, I have been missing my one favorite Nepali food MoMo. I know most of people love this food, and most people says it alike to Japanese food Gyoja, or Chinese Dumpling, but only Nepali or some other people and differentiate between them and MoMo. Living in Bangkok you wont always get a chance it Nepali Food, either you have to Cook by yourself or go to some Nepali restaurant. i know only one Nepali Restaurant in Bangkok Called “Himalayan Restaurant” in End soi Sukumvit 31, and heard one near Pattunam(Central Bangkok). Since I this weekend is long weekend and i have nothing to do in my Room, thought to hunt Nepali restaurant near pattunam, i know where is pattunam but dont know where is the Nepali Restaurant and i dont even know the name of the restaurant, so i decided to go bit early with half empty stomach :). Firstly i took local bus “73n” which took my around 13 baht to reach near Central World (Near to pattunam) after coming out from Bus my hunting begin, i walk slow and look right and left shops so that i dont miss Nepali restaurant, i walked and walked , i passed Palladium mall, so the Platinum mall and lastly Pantip plaza, few mins of walking, i saw one place called “Lumbini Restaurant with Nepali, Indian and Halal Food”

Lumbini Restaurant

Lumbini Restaurant

I slowly moved inside thought this the one which i have been looking for, after getting inside i found all of them were speaking Nepali, glad to hear my country language spoken by so many people in foreign country and found this the restaurant i been looking for. I grabbed a chair and one guy came with menu, I didnt even looked at menu, I simply said MoMo:. This is the dish i been missing and i dont want to eat any other than Momo. after like 10 mins they bought me Momo. i tasted one momo, This is not dumpling nor Gyoja, this is real momo all Nepali flavor. Yes!!! this is the flavor i been looking for so many months and i took the picture.



after few mins of eating i asked for a bill which they charged me 100baht which seems to be ok in foreign country.
and I grabbed my bag and went home 🙂