My Favorite Food

This is one my Fav. food in Nepal. on remembering also my mouth waters. yumm yumm
Typical Newari style Meat food. Boiled Buff with Nepali Spices
Noddle mixed with chicken or buff. wow Amazing taste
Chana Chatpat:
Made of mixture of puffed rice, Lemon, tomato. Not so much hygienic. but mouth watering
Chana Chatpat
Panipuri (Water Puri):
More the unhygienic more tasty :)
Panipuri (Water Puri)
Hakuchoyla (Black meat):
another epic Newari food like mostly all Newars and Nepali. where the meat is burnt into fire until meat burns into black.
Hakuchoyla (Black meat)
Tom Yam Goon (shrimp):
One of the best thai soup i have ever tasted. Spicy mouth watering dish. Whenever you go to thai restaurant dont forget to order Tom Yam Goon. I promise you, you wont regret. Yum Yum
Tom Yam Goon (shrimp)
Pad thai:
One of the must eat food when you are in Thailand.
Pad thai

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