In search of Pad Thai in night

As you all know Thailand is also popular for food, with lots of variety with different taste in cheap price. Today after a lots of stressed work in office, we decided to have some good food with my few friends and my friend suggested to have Pad Thai in Pratu phi(Near Giant Swing or Sao Ching Cha). Though its bit far from our place, we still want to taste Pad thai in famous restaurant, so we took a taxi.

After 40mins of Drive, 10mins on queue and another 10mins on waiting finally i got the delicious Shrimp Pad Thai with egg covered (Pad Thai Munn Goon Ha khai) yeah!!!

Shrink Pad thai with covered Egg (80 baht)

And another Good thing about this shop is fresh Orange Juice sorry i couldnt able to take the picture of it but it also taste good which cost (140Baht per bottle)

After the Pad thai we didnt mind to have a little walk near Gian Swing

Gian Swing

and now its time to have a some Dessert to complete meal 🙂 so we walked few mins to Mont nomsod. where Shop is full packed hard to stand inside also but we did manage to have a sit to eat.

Mont NomSod

Its me in full packed shop

Dessert we orders, Bread with Chocolate, Bread with something something i forgot but it taste good and lastly fresh milk.


and finally I want to thank my friends who helped to find these delicious places far from our places 🙂 Thank you

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